13 Hilarious Tweets About J Names

“I just saw a Jay-Z tweet from John Legend. I can’t even.”

Moria K, November 18th, 2015 –

Twitter post by Moria K about J names that are pronounced differently such as Jay-Z and John Legend. The person in the Twitter post is referencing how their name pronunciation changes depending on who they’re talking to which is funny because it’s true for anyone with an uncommon name. This Tweet exemplifies one of the main points of this blog post: not everyone pronounces different letters or words same way!

The purpose of this blogpost was to show people some humorous tweets about different J Names and ways those have been mispronounced over time. As we’ve seen previously, the way we pronounce words and letters can be a source of humor. These posts show this in different ways, such as people who are mispronouncing names because they’re not aware that there’s more than one pronunciation for them (in the case of Jay-Z/John Legend) or just how some people will spell their name differently if it starts with an “H.”

All these examples may sound like small things to get emotional about but sometimes it feels good when somebody recognizes your individuality or uniqueness. That feeling is even greater when you see other people struggling with something that seems easy for you! This blog post was meant to make readers laugh while also showing them another side of themselves – namely, the ability to find humor out of life’s little challenges.

Every time somebody makes fun of your name, you don’t have to get mad or try to convince them that it’s not as strange as they think because the truth is, there are a lot more people who share this experience than you might realize at first. It feels good when other people can empathize with what you’re going through and laughing about something together just creates an even stronger bond between two individuals!

The following 13 J names are some of the funniest tweets that people have shared about their own name or someone else’s. Hopefully these provide a good laugh!

*Tina Fey: “My sister is now going by Tanya because she thinks her full name ‘Tammy Jean’ is too unattractive.”

This tweet exemplifies how somebody may change their name to something shorter and more appealing if they’re not happy with what it has become, especially when you think about all the things society pressures us to do in order to be beautiful and desirable. It can sometimes feel like we don’t have any other choice but to conform in order for our lives to go smoother. This goes hand-in-hand with another popular tweet:

*The Onion: “Man Going By ‘Bobby’ Finally Exposed As Robert.”

In this tweet, a character named Bobby is finally exposed as his real name being Robert. It’s humorous because it feels like the Bobby persona was an act he put on to make himself seem more masculine or something that would fit in better with society than what his actual identity did. This speaks about how we can often conform for success and it’s all too easy to forget who you really are if you’re not careful enough.

“It’s great when people respect your space and boundaries—they should know that they don’t need to invade them just because they have no idea what I could be going through.” –

This tweet is speaking about how people will often push their way into your personal space and try to force you into conversation without considering if that’s what you want or even need at the time. It also touches on boundaries and who has them in life, making it a very good point for those looking to be independent thinkers as they grow up due to not being pushed around by others.

“I’m just really happy with my new phone case.” –

In this tweet, someone else makes fun of themselves for buying a case when they have an expensive-looking phone because it seems like the person doesn’t care enough about anything other than material goods. This speaks to individuals who are consumed by superficial things and don’t think much beyond

J-Lo is hotter than an oven

jacket, I’m nice so I don’t rob you. — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) January 11, 2013

I just put my jacket on backwards because it’s to heavy for me these days 🙁 — Justin Bieber December 18, 2012

My BFF Jill loves her jacket! She says she’ll never take it off again #bestfriendgoals pic.twitter.com/PzgkZbnCxV — Emily Maynard (@EmilyMaynard) November 12, 2016

Yo momma so fat that when she went up the stairs they became down.. That was a tough one lol @_Honiaraa 😂😩💀


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