The Best 15 Stata Software Products, Period

In this post, we will look at the 15 best products that are available in the Stata Software market.

We’ll take a look at both free and paid software packages to see which ones work best for you. You’ll find product descriptions, as well as links to download them from their respective websites. If you’re looking for some new tools for your data analysis projects, be sure to bookmark this page! 

Stata (free) This has a price of $0.00, the only downside is that it doesn’t have any updates or new features added to it. It’s not as up-to-date with newer versions of Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

I would recommend downloading this for educational purposes if you’re interested in learning how Stata works without spending money on software packages. 

OpenStax College: Introductory Statistics 2015 Edition ($19.95) – This product contains both video lectures and pdfs from the textbook so you can learn statistics as well as watch the videos online at your convenience before class starts! The book comes with an eBook version too which makes studying much easier than carrying around