Life of Struggling Actors

Living a life of your dreams is not as simple as one imagines. This sentence suits people who choose a niche path in life.

Living a life of your dreams is not as simple as one imagines. This sentence suits people who choose a niche path in life. They undergo zero motivation, rejections, depression and what not. The list goes on. Actors are among the ones who undergo all these hardships. But an experienced person would say consistency is the key to success in any profession. Yes, true very much. But the hardships drown them mentally and to make that first impression they sweat blood. 

Everyday we read couple of content online that explains how popular actors made it big. But popular actors can just be counted in bare hands. There are thousands out there who find it difficult to make a mark. 

One such actor said, “I come from a background where my parents wanted me to take up a government job and settle down. But I had different thoughts. Movies grabbed my attention more than anything else. I wanted to be that lead actor who kicks off the villain with full strength.”

He further said, “I convinced my parents, learnt acting in a small private acting school which promised to offer me a bright career. But fate had other plans. After the completion of my course, the institute simply said we will give you contacts. It’s your smartness to convince him/her to get a job.” 

“After contacting a lot of people, I lost hope and even prepared myself to get back to my home town. But finally I got an audition call. With full hopes of unleashing my dreams, I went for the audition which was just for a minor role. I still took it up as I would at least get to earn something for my living. This condition is still continuing. I’m doing some other work for a living. In between I get some minor role calls. Still continuing to do it, with the belief that consistency will reward success one day or the other, “ the person wished not to disclose his identity.

Well this anonymous person is not the only one. We get to see a lot people like him in Mumbai struggling to make a mark. 

Short film director Abhinav Thakur pointing to this issue said, “Actors are the most vulnerable ones among all. It is hard for them mainly because of the competition. So if you make a small mistake in the audition process, you will never get the role as there are more people waiting in the queue.”


Rangmanch, a short film directed by Abhinav Thakur talks about actor struggles and the obstacles they come through in the whole process. This movie is inspired by the book Namak Swadanusaar written by Nikhil Sachan. 

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Life of Struggling Actors

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