10 Fascinating Reasons People Like Girls Names That Start With P

It is well known that people are drawn to names that start with the letter P. Here are 10 reasons why.

* People like the sound of names that start with P. * There are many famous people who have a name starting with the letter P, which makes them more appealing to some. * Names that start with P can be short or long in length and still easily fit on a person’s business card or resume without being shortened. * The best way to remember someone’s name is by associating it with something they enjoy doing, so people often think about their hobbies when making up a nickname for friends and family members. A few nicknames from this may include “Pete” for an avid fisherman, “Patty” for someone who loves baking pies, and “Publicity Stacey” (or just Publicity) for those who love to get attention. * People enjoy saying the letter P at the beginning of a person’s name, which makes it more pleasant sounding than if they said someone’s name with another letter first or had one in the middle that could be mispronounced as an R instead.

This is just part of what you’ll read on this blog post! It also features __ and __ . Keep reading for more information about these topics and some interesting facts!

* Media has transformed from print media (e.g., newspapers) to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This change has given celebrities new ways to create their own brands by posting pictures of themselves wearing the latest fashion trends or doing something adventurous outdoors.* Celebrities are often used by companies to promote products because they have a large following and influence people’s decisions.

* Social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook,and Twitter allow celebrities more control over their brand messages than other types of media in which the company has all the power to create what is seen.* Blogs are another type of social media site that provide bloggers with an opportunity for personal expression through visuals and written words

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Long-form content:

The power social media sites provide celebrities allows them more control over their message than other types of media such as TV shows where the company has all the power to create what is seen. Blogs give bloggers an opportunity for personal expression through visuals and written words which makes long blog posts popular among readers who want know about different people and what they have to say.

The list of reasons is long so the following are just some:

– People are more likely to read long blog posts than short ones so you can use this knowledge to your advantage by writing longer content. It’s also useful for people who don’t have a lot of time, because they will be able to get the information that they need in order to make decisions without feeling overwhelmed with too much information and wasted time reading something that didn’t provide them with any value.

– Readers prefer reading about topics which interest them instead of being forced into learning things that might not suit their needs or interests at all. This is why it pays off if you know what readers want when they’re looking on social media sites like blogs and website articles – making sure there are plenty of keywords which relate back to what


This is a classic girl’s name that has been around for over 100 years. It means “little joy” and goes back to the 1872 book of the same title by Eleanor H. Porter, which was later made into a Disney movie in 1960 called Pollyanna. The story follows a young orphan who moves from her New England home to live with her wealthy Aunt Polly in Massachusetts, where she learns an important lesson about happiness through gratefulness (Wikipedia).

She becomes friends with Emily and together they change their small town of Beldingsville so much for the better. I’m sure that this must have helped people associate girls names starting with P as being upbeat or optimistic like Phoebe!

Families with names that start with P:

Phoebe, Pearl, Patricia and Pauline.


This is a Germanic name which means “pledge” or “fidelity”. It’s also the feminine form of Gregory. The etymology of this girl’s name has to do with someone who has been pledged in marriage. I learn from history class that people used to engage their children as soon as they were born so it was like they had already promised them one day! Even though we don’t have anything similar nowadays, Gretchen still sounds very pretty and loyal (Wikipedia). There are other girls’ names starting with G such as Gillian which share features on how long you have loved someone.


This is a variation of the nickname “Mary” which means bitter in Hebrew and it was often used as an insult for women who were considered difficult to get along with (Wikipedia). Somehow, Polly still sounds like a sweet girl’s name that would be good for cheerleaders or other people who are very outgoing! If you want something more daring though, this can also stand for Pauline which means gift from God. However if your last name is Powell then these two names might not work too well together because they have similar meanings so consider changing one!

Bogeyman: The bogeyman has been around since at least the 18th century where parents told their children he will come out and get them if they don’t behave. His name is said to come from the Dutch word “Bogyman” which means bugbear or monster (Wikipedia). For this reason, he can be a very scary boogeyman but there are also some people who say his name comes from boggart and that it’s just another term for a hobgoblin!


The meaning of Phoebe ranges anywhere between bright shining light in Latin all the way to radiant moonlight according to sources online (Wikipedia). Either one sounds like an excellent creature goddess nickname! This was my grandma’s middle name so I’m always reminded of her when I see it on girls’ birth certificates. It would make a great alternative to the more popular name Phoebe. Polly: This is a really cute nickname for Pollyanna which has been in use since 1890 and carries with it this image of being cheerful, bouncy, active, optimistic (Wikipedia). It’s pretty easy to see why people would be drawn to that energy! I prefer sounding like “pol-lee” but you can also make it sound closer to Pauline by saying “pawl-ee”. Either way sounds super adorable. I’ve had grandparents call me Polly when they were trying not to say my full name so sometimes that feels nice too. There are all sorts of different nicknames that start with P – what about Betsy or Paula? Pammy?”

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